Vulcan DX Compound Bow

SA Sports

SA Sports Vulcan DX™ Compound Bow Package

The SA Sports Vulcan DX™ compound bow is an exciting new product being introduced for this year. The Vulcan DX fits a wide range of archers from veteran archer, novice archer, first time shooter, young, old or in between. With adjustable draw weights ranging from 15 lbs. to 45 lbs and an incredible spread of draw length adjustment from 21" to 27" it can be configured to the needs of many shooters. This bow will nearly fit everyone who picks it up with minimal effort. The Vulcan DX bow comes as a complete package equipped with high quality accessories that will make shooting more productive and enjoyable. The VulcanDX from SA Sports can grow as your shooter progresses in the sport. Right Hand Only. Draw Length Adjustment Sheet


  • Wide Range of Adjustment
  •  Easy Adjustment
  •  Non Slip Comfort Grip
  •  Machined Cams
  •  Lightweight Riser
  • RH Only

Package Includes

  • Vulcan DX Bow
  • Brush Arrow Rest
  • Neon Pin Sight
  • Integrated Quiver
  • Cable Guard Rod / Slide

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