Majestic Recurve Compound Bow

SA Sports

 Don’t let your daughters be left out of the action, the Majestic is specifically designed and geared to fill the needs of the girls in your archery shooting family. With it’s striking pink camo finish and full featured performance and accessories, it is no wonder the Majestic is one our top selling youth archery products.  

 Features/ Includes:

· Recurve Compound Bow
· Full Size Integrated Quiver
· Sight Bracket
· Adjustable Brass Sight Pin
· Replaceable Arrow Rest
· Finger Tab
· Arm Guard
· 20LB Draw Weight
· Adjustable Draw Length
· Target Arrows (2)
· Lightweight Molded Limbs
· Lightweight Molded Riser
· Dipped Camo Finish

Sight assembly and draw adjustments - click here

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