Beowulf / Dragon FAQ

Where do I put the front sling stud on my Empire Dragon/Empire Beowulf Crossbow?
The front sling stud threads into one of the two holes on the underside
of the crossbow riser, on the limb brace (the diagonal brace that supports the limb).
If you are right handed we recommend using the left side limb brace for the sling
and reverse for left handed shooters. The holes in the limb braces are about 2” out
from the center of the stock in line with the set screws for the foot loop.
My riser won’t slide onto the end of the stock on my empire Dragon/Empire Beowulf; how do I make it fit?
The riser is cast aluminum and the stock is injection molded, so they are not
machined in any way. The stock and riser are intentionally snug to reduce vibration.
You will have to compress (squeeze) the top of the flight rail toward the
bottom piece (the part under the groove where the cable slide goes).
The tab on the riser mates over the notch at the end of the flight track.
You do not need to compress the right side of the flight track to the left only the
top toward the bottom.
Fully seated the Riser and Stock will look like this