SA Sports Tracker Blowgun Set

SA Sports - Outdoor Gear

Includes 2 Blowguns, 10 Suction Darts and Target Face for Practice

The SA Sports Tracker Blowgun Set comes with all the necessities for loads of fun. The possible activities are only limited by your imagination. Practice hitting targets indoors and out; across the room or the backyard. Find a few friends and challenge each other to see who is the better shot with the 2 included blowguns. Pick a target or use the one included with your package to hone your accuracy using the built in sights and improve your skills. Adjust the grip to best suit your shooting preferences once you take a few practice shots to figure out what you like. Safety comes first with SA Sports; the one-way mouthpiece ensures the fun won’t come to an unexpected halt by preventing a dart from being inhaled while you prepare to fire. Every set comes with 10 darts to get you started and the tracker blowgun is compatible with any similarly sized dart. Designed to be a fun toy for all kids ages 6 and up, the Tracker includes plenty of enjoyable features for adults too. The SA Sports Tracker Blowgun Set provides you with the ideal tool for a unique kind of entertainment.
  • Shoot the included suction darts indoors and out; simply pick a target and hone your accuracy with the integrated sights until you are hitting bullseyes from across the backyard
  • Challenge a friend to see who is the best shot; every blowgun features and adjustable grip that allows anyone to customize it for their own shooting style
  • Designed to be for for anyone who uses it; this blowgun is ideal for use by kids aged 6 and up or for adults that want a unique experience
  • Safety is the top priority with the one-way mouthpiece that prevents darts from being accidentally inhaled while you are preparing to fire
  • Everything you need for loads of fun is included; each set comes with 2 blowguns and 10 foam darts as well as a target face

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